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Dry ice: gentle and effective at the same time

The procedure

Fine dry ice granulate is blown onto the surface to be cleaned at high speed. Dirt (grease, release agents, coatings) become hard and brittle due to the cold (-79 degrees Celsius) and flake off.

The material

Dry ice is CO2 (carbon dioxide) in solidified form. CO2 is an odorless, non-toxic gas. In the beverage industry, for example, it is added to beer and mineral water in order to keep the fresh taste longer and to extend the shelf life. CO2 is also used in the food industry or in airplanes: Here it is used to cool meat and sausage products.

Production: Liquid carbon dioxide is fed from a tank into a special machine and relaxed. This creates dry ice. This medium at a temperature of -78.5 ° C is then pressed through a die - the result: dry ice pellets the size of a grain of rice (about 1.3 or 3.0 mm).

The advantages

  • The paintwork and the original underbody protection are retained (provided that the paintwork or underbody protection is not loose, for example if it is infiltrated by rust);

  • Electrical and fuel lines are not damaged and therefore do not have to be removed;

  • The ice-cold pellets sublimate completely after blasting, ie they completely dissolve in gas and go back into the atmosphere from which they were originally obtained. Only the removed dirt remains - this significantly reduces waste and saves time.

our service

If you, too, want to clean your vehicle's underbody with dry ice: Contact us - we can usually offer you appointments at short notice. You should expect a treatment time of five hours or more, depending on the degree of contamination.

After cleaning, we offer (if required) a thorough underbody preservation (transparent) or the treatment of rust spots in the underbody area.

We can not only do dry ice, for stubborn dirt, surface rust or underbody protection, we have the option of adding abrasive blasting media such as glass beads or walnut shells.

Engine cleaning

Interior cleaning

Rim cleaning

Underbody cleaning / removal

Individual components

and much more.

Talk to us, you will find our offers in the individual categories

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Dry ice is frozen CO2 and is around -80 ° C cold - it is absolutely environmentally neutral, non-toxic and contains no water. For cleaning, dry ice is pressed into rice grain-sized pellets and applied to the surface to be cleaned with dry ice cleaning machines.

Due to the cold and the high speed of the dry ice pellets, the dirt becomes brittle and cracks - the surface to be cleaned is not attacked because dry ice is not abrasive.

Upon impact, the dry ice pellets increase their volume by 760 times and "blast" the dirt particles off the surface.

Dry ice changes directly from the solid to the gaseous state (sublimation) and dissolves without residue. There is no moisture during cleaning and no contamination from the blasting material.

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