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SLK soft paint renovation, goodbye "freckles"


The traces after around 20 years ...


Many SLK's R170 have now reached or exceeded 20 years. This does not leave the cars without a trace . The interior in particular has mostly suffered . The soft paint is coming off the plastic parts, the seats no longer look like new and some of them are showing the first cracks.

The jams on the door panels are loosened, especially in the models up to 2000, and clatter cheerfully to themselves.

The impression often looks unkempt when you look at the interior. The one or   another place was repaired with the relevant colors ,

often even worse and better ...












What we do?


For years we have been preparing the interior of the SLK and restoring it to new condition.
When the vehicle is handed over to us, we discuss in detail which damage should be repaired and which special requests you have .
The interior of each vehicle is completely dismantled, except for the carpet and the upper part of the dashboard. A thorough cleaning is of course included. . When assembling, all ventilation ducts and the ventilation grilles are dust-free.

The basis for a successful and sustainable preparation of the parts is that the soft paint is really completely removed. The structure in the plastic is completely retained. Then the parts are re-coated in 3 stages (primer, base paint / paint and a permanent surface protection), so we guarantee long-lasting friends.

Defective door panels are glued and re-glued from the back. In this way, the cladding is permanent, and annoying rattling noises are a thing of the past .
Depending on their condition, the seats are rebuilt and given a new look.

After around a week, the vehicle interior reminds you of a new delivery.

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