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Convertible top module suitable for Mercedes SLK (R170) combination module

Convertible top module suitable for Mercedes SLK (R170) combination module

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Combination module (top module) suitable for Mercedes SLK R170, year of construction 1996 - 2004

The combination module can also be installed together with the following modules:

Multi Light Module


The following functions are combined in this module:


  • one touch
  • SpeedX - operating the convertible top while driving up to a maximum of 50 km/h

one touch:
In order to activate the convertible top, the convertible top switch no longer has to be held down until the opening or closing is complete. It is sufficient to press the convertible top switch for about three seconds. The process will run automatically to completion.

With this function, the convertible top can be operated while driving up to a maximum speed of 50 km/h. If desired, a desired maximum speed can be programmed here for an additional charge of €10.

The module does not affect any functions of the vehicle.
In practice, this means that, for example, when pulling out of a parking space or pulling away at traffic lights, you do not have to make sure that the speed programmed as standard for opening or closing is not exceeded.

The convertible top comfort modules  were developed and manufactured in Germany under high quality standards.


A notice:
The roof module has no ABE. For this reason, the applicable rules of the road traffic regulations must be observed during use. The module is installed without special tools. Thanks to the enclosed installation instructions, the module can also be installed without visiting a specialist workshop.


The installation can be done by anyone. Detailed, illustrated instructions show the installation step by step.

Would you rather leave the Einabu to the professionals? - No problem, we will install the module for you at a fixed price of €79. 


Scope of delivery:

  • Module Mercedes SLK R170 combi module
  • connection material
  • Very detailed, illustrated installation and operating instructions

Technical specifications:
Supply voltage: 8-18V DC
Temperature range: -40°C to +85°C
Dimensions (W x D x H): 68 x 58 x 24 mm