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Sealing matt SLK R170 interiors

Sealing matt SLK R170 interiors

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Der Soft paint replacement for SLK R170 interiors


Sealing matte


Developed by professionals for professionals, we only bring the soft paint replacement that we have used for years onto the market for the end customer.


Practically filled in a 400ml high-quality spray can, the simple processing is possible.


Shelf life : at least 3 years


Content : 400 ml (for coating an area of approx. 1.5 m²)


Scope of delivery : spray can 400 ml


It is a quality product made in Germany.


Recommended work steps of the coating process


1. Remove the part to be coated if necessary.

2. Remove old coatings/varnish from areas to be coated.

3. Degrease the part to be coated/the area to be coated with a cleaner for leather and plastic surfaces.

4. Apply a thin layer of our primer and let it dry.

5. Apply paint evenly in several layers and allow each to dry (dust-dry after approx. 5-10 minutes).

6. To seal the coating apply a thin coat of our sealant  and allow to dry.

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