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Soft paint replacement Anthracite 2000-2004 SLK R170 interiors

Soft paint replacement Anthracite 2000-2004 SLK R170 interiors

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Der Soft paint replacement for SLK R170 interiors


Colour: Anthracite 2000-2004


Developed by professionals for professionals, we only bring the soft paint replacement that we have used for years onto the market for the end customer.


Practically filled in a 400ml high-quality spray can, the simple processing is possible.


Color code(s) : 211


Shelf life : at least 3 years


Content : 400 ml (for coating an area of approx. 1.5 m²)


Scope of delivery : spray can 400 ml


It is a quality product made in Germany.


Recommended work steps of the coating process


1. Remove the part to be coated if necessary.

2. Remove old coatings/varnish from areas to be coated.

3. Degrease the part to be coated/the area to be coated with a cleaner for leather and plastic surfaces.

4. Apply a thin layer of our primer and let it dry.

5. Apply paint evenly in several layers and allow each to dry (dust-dry after approx. 5-10 minutes).

6. To seal the coating apply a thin coat of our sealant  and allow to dry.

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