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A1706830508 SLK R170 Mercedes frame
  • A1706830508 SLK R170 Mercedes frame

    Sales Tax Included |

    A1706830508 SLK R170 Mercedes frame 


    Notes: If possible, please compare the part numbers/vehicle data with your vehicle




    This article is subject to the differential taxation. The sales tax/VAT included in the purchase price is therefore not shown separately on the invoice.


    Used parts are used, they may have scratches from storage.

    All parts are subjected to a function test before they are removed. If this is not the case, these parts are not offered. A return of electronic parts is excluded for reasons of checking these components afterwards, this of course does not apply to defective or wrongly delivered goods. So before you buy, please compare the specified vehicle data and part number and have a workshop confirm that the reason for your damage is also the component you have selected