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Cavity and underbody protection

We coat with the product kLine, a brown-transparent, tough, solid protective wax for use on the vehicle floor. kLine permanent wax cannot be washed off.


It compensates for torsion and is extremely stable, even when subjected to stress such as falling rocks. Overall, the protective layer is rather thin (approx. 0.1mm) and therefore transparent, but still robust.

The color tone is amber-transparent (tinted brown).


Due to the slight transparency, you can see through the underbody protection and check whether rust is forming underneath. On the other hand, one can still see that an underbody has been perfectly welded and/or painted under the amber-colored protective layer, for example.

It is temperature resistant up to 200°C. Cannot be painted over.


NOTE: kLine Permanent is a bit lighter and clearer, a bit thinner and a bit firmer than UBS 240. This is very interesting for some applications, for example on axle parts or holders. kLine comes from DKS, the Austrian base of Dinol/Dinitrol and is a high-quality protective wax that has been tried and tested for years.


NOTE: kLine Permanent is largely solvent-resistant once it has dried out. You can then only remove it with a stripper, such as our KSD UBS & 1K Remover. To do this, the substrate must first be tested for compatibility so that it does not come loose.

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