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We offer you everything to do with mobility

Vehicle preparation / dry ice blasting / restorations / vehicle evaluation / technical and maintenance seminars /

Smart - Repair / interior preparation / club shop



A car service that cares about your well-being

we - Simone and Michael Stephanik - would like to introduce ourselves to you.


Michael discovered his love for automobiles early on and in 2003 turned his hobby into a profession.


It all began with vehicle maintenance in a backyard of a car rental company in Duisburg ... a large group of customers quickly developed who became regular customers and had their vehicles regularly maintained and refurbished.


In 2008 Michael enlarged his company and on around 1000 square meters and 3 other locations, not only private customers found their way to us, but also large car dealerships and paint shops. That was the point at which Michael could no longer run the company with his employees and I decided to take over the administration.


In 2010 the vehicle logistics were added and the space became too small again. A new building was needed and so a new company concept was created - the vehicle preparation was expanded to include the tire and workshop service.


In 2013 we had reached our peak. Around 4,000 vehicles a year left our halls in splendid condition.


But then everything turned out differently ... In 2013 our daughter Marie announced herself and we had to change a few things ...


Also due to our high quality standards, we noticed that we wanted to focus more on individual and high-quality work with attention to detail. The first points of contact with classic cars gave us the courage and the step to take.


So in 2017 we got our first own vintage car, a Mercedes-Benz W108 280 SE, our "golden lady" (due to the color), which we also rent for wedding trips.


We have been operating our new premises in Duisburg-Meiderich since 2019. On over 400 square meters we offer everything to do with mobility:


  • Vehicle preparation / dry ice blasting / restoration

  • Vehicle evaluation / technology and maintenance seminars

  • Smart - Repair & SLK interior preparation

  • Spare parts service / club shop


We look forward to getting to know you and your visit to our premises in Duisburg.


Simone and Michael Stephanik

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